NetLdn #14 – 10/12/20

Location: Zoom

The meeting will be held online using Zoom. The meeting room ID and password will be sent out on the day of the event to the mailing list.

Please join from 1845hrs onward. 
Talks begin promptly at 1900hrs.

Talk 1: Playing with (world wide) routing for fun (and profit)

Are you learning for professional networking certificate? Or just playing with your lab? Do you miss having options to use full, real table along with all prefix attributes? Or maybe you have multiple internet links and would like to optimally distribute traffic and don’t know how to do this? During the session I’ll demonstrate the BGP free-for-all project, as well as some practical tips how to achieve better load balancing or routing if you have multiple internet links.

Presenter: Łukasz BromirskI (Cisco)

Talk 2: pygnmi : Developing Python module for gNMI

There has been no good Python library to manage the network elements using the gNMI. To overcome this limitation, we’ve decided to create our own. Being non-professional software developers, it is also an interesting learning curve.

As such, the talk will share the status of the pygnmi library development, examples of usage and integration with existing automation frameworks and story of the development

Presenter: Anton Karneliuk (@ANTONKARNELIUK)

After Talks: Networking for Networkers

Stay in the meeting room and have a free-for-all chit-chat about whatever is on your mind. This is a bring-your-on drinks and nibbles session.

Author: Richard Patterson

IP/MPLS Design Engineer

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