NetLdn #1 – 11/04/19


4th Floor
2 Fitzroy Place
8 Mortimer St
London W1T 3NA

Arrival from 1830hrs.
Talks begin promptly at 1900hrs.

RSVP is essential:

Talk 1: Why Netflix needs its own CDN

Netflix runs its own CDN (Open Connect) to deliver video to >130 million subscribers around the world.
This talk will focus on the motivations for doing so, some of the unique challenges, and the hows and whys.

Bio: Javed Vohra

Javed is a member of Netflix’s Network Engineering team having joined 5 years ago.
He’s involved in the continued growth, evolution and day to day operation of the Open Connect CDN around the world.
Before Netflix, he spent 8 years in the Network Design team at Sky, having worked on numerous projects, including Core, FTTC and IPv6 rollouts.

Talk 2: That time I accidentally started an ISP

Getting 1Gbit/s to the middle of nowhere can be struggle, but also a lot of fun. Tales of how a small home network got wildly out of hand.

Bio: Nat Morris

Nat has been at Netflix for nearly 4 years and has written many of their network configuration and automation toolsets from the ground up. He works from home on a farm in rural Pembrokeshire. Before Netflix, Nat led the customer engineer team at Cumulus, he also volunteers at a local primary school teaching students to code.

Author: Richard Patterson

IP/MPLS Design Engineer

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