NetLdn #2 – 09/05/19


Upstairs @ The Wheatsheaf
25 Rathbone Place
Fitzrovia, W1T 1JB

Arrival from 1830hrs. 
Talks begin promptly at 1900hrs.


Talk 1: What does a good design look like?

Knowing what a “good” design looks like requires more than just raw technical knowledge. This is a talk about how to create designs that successfully implement a technical solution, with years of stressful anecdotes thrown in.

PRESENTER: James Bensley

Talk 1: Anycast DNS in the Cloud (Rescheduled)

The basics of the Infrastructure that runs DNS for .uk (and 35 other TLDs) and then more depth on how we expanded that infrastructure into the cloud to provide a wider coverage.

Presenter: Brett CarR (Nominet)

Talk 2: Inetd. An IGP network topology acquisition and capacity planning tool built on opensource software.

– ISIS network discovery 
– Automatically generated network maps ( integration with )
– What if scenarios for adding new links/nodes , changing links metric.
– SPF algorithm to get shortest-path between two nodes ( integration with ). 
– Manually or Netflow traffic demands ( integration with )
– Ability to create network maps for external connection

PRESENTER: Catalin Petrescu (@cpetrescu)

Author: Richard Patterson

IP/MPLS Design Engineer

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