NetLdn #20 – 10/06/21

Location: Zoom

We will once again be combining powers with our NetMcr friends for a joint meeting. We’ll be starting at the slightly later (by NetLdn standards) time of 1930hrs UTC+1.

The meeting will be held online using Zoom. The meeting room ID and password will be shared on the evening of the event to the NetLdn mailing list and in the NetLdn Slack.

Please set your full name in the Zoom client before joining the meeting, they will be validated for admission.

Join from 1915hrs (UTC+1) onward, talks begin promptly at 1930hrs (UTC+1).

Talk 1: Traffic patterns from real-time video apps

Realtime video conference apps have significantly different traffic patterns from streamed video. This talk will describe those patterns (UDP, significant uplink usage, latency sensitivity, edge-to-edge) and explain why these engineering choices were made. I’ll discuss the bandwidth estimation and management strategies used in these apps. I’ll also give some pointers as to how to spot this traffic for filtering or prioritisation purposes.

Presenter: Tim Panton (Pipe)

Talk 2: An Evolution Of The Network Engineer

This talk explores what happens when a business grows, and the role of the network becomes critical: you have more servers to connect, more data to transport, more services reliant on each other. You can’t afford to provide a bad experience to your customers, nor “throw more people at the problem” to solve it. You have to move fast and be reliable in today’s world — even when sharks eat your fibre cables.

Your knowledge and skills will be the tools to approach the growth, but you will deal with never-seen-before challenges — including esoteric ones. You will also begin to realise that 1% means thousands, millions or hundreds of millions of people, and indeed, you won’t have time for manual fixes.

We identified common knowledge and skill gaps that Network Engineers have when faced with the challenge of operating a large-scale network. We will explain why they are important and give an approach to bridging them to prepare yourself for a future ahead.

Presenter: Elena Sanchez & Jose Leitao (Facebook)

After Talks: Networking for Networkers

Stay in the meeting room and have a free-for-all chit-chat about whatever is on your mind. This is a bring-your-on drinks and nibbles session.

Author: James Bensley

Network Design/Engineering/Coding/Trolling

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