NetLdn #27 – 13/01/2022

Location: Zoom

We will once again be combining powers with our NetMcr friends for a joint meeting. We’ll be starting at the slightly later (by NetLdn standards) time of 1930hrs UTC+1.

The meeting will be held online using Zoom. The meeting room ID and password will be shared on the evening of the event, to the NetLdn mailing list and in the NetLdn Slack, 1 hour before the event starts.

Please set your full name in the Zoom client before joining the meeting, they will be validated for admission.

Join from 1915hrs (UTC+1) onward, talks begin promptly at 1930hrs (UTC+1).

Talk 1: 5G Private Networks: what are they and why are they needed?

Andy’s here to speak to us about 5G Private Networks. If you’ve ever wondered why our favourite vendors keep talking about running a self-contained 5G network instead of an equivalent WiFi network, then this is definitely a talk you’ll enjoy. Andy has decades of radio network experience, as well as hands-on experience with the emerging technology in this space, and we’re sure that this talk will be well worth your time.

Presenter: Prof. Andy Sutton

Talk 2: The Information Commissioner’s Opinion on Online Advertising

Jon’s an expert in all matters relating to data protection and online privacy, and his past talks have been engaging, timely and extremely pertinent to the running of our beloved Web. If he’s here speaking with us, then you can be certain that this is a topic that you’ll hear more and more about in the coming future.

Presenter: Jon Langley

After Talks: Networking for Networkers

Stay in the meeting room and have a free-for-all chit-chat about whatever is on your mind. This is a bring-your-on drinks and nibbles session.

Author: James Bensley

Network Design/Engineering/Coding/Trolling

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