NetLdn #28 – 10/02/2022

Location: Zoom

We will once again be combining powers with our NetMcr friends for a joint meeting. We’ll be starting at the slightly later (by NetLdn standards) time of 1930hrs UTC+0.

The meeting will be held online using Zoom. The meeting room ID and password will be shared on the evening of the event, to the NetLdn mailing list and in the NetLdn Slack, 1 hour before the event starts.

Please set your full name in the Zoom client before joining the meeting, they will be validated for admission.

Join from 1915hrs (UTC+0) onward, talks begin promptly at 1930hrs (UTC+0).

Talk 1: DDoS Attacks via Laundered DNS Traffic

Marek will be talking about DDoS attacks that rely on some well know public DNS services.

Presenter: Marek Isalski

Talk 2: Bruteforcing Android PINs

What if I told you that in 2022 you could still brute-force the PIN on an Android phone? I will show you how to turn your Kali Nethunter phone into a brute-force PIN cracking machine. Unlike other methods this works on phones out of the box, so you won’t need ADB access to your locked phone, or to have previously rooted the Operating System.

While not every phone is vulnerable, many are, and the version of Android doesn’t matter. Although Android itself is reasonable secure, each handset manufacturer has made their own lock-screen with custom brute-force protection and some of them are easily cracked.

Presenter: Andrew Horton (@urbanadventur3r)

After Talks: Networking for Networkers

Stay in the meeting room and have a free-for-all chit-chat about whatever is on your mind. This is a bring-your-on drinks and nibbles session.

Author: James Bensley

Network Design/Engineering/Coding/Trolling

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